Dr. Arnkoff is a board-certified urologist with 30 years of experience in male-to-female gender reassignment surgery, specifically orchiectomy, penis removal, and re-routing of the urethra. Dr. Arnkoff provides a safe and compassionate environment. Dr. Arnkoff is easily accessible for all pre- and post-surgical concerns. Patients can speak with Dr. Arnkoff directly and promptly. Dr. Arnkoff will provide you with all of the necessary reassignment documents at no extra charge.

An Orchiectomy is the surgical removal of the testes. The goal is to reduce the level of testosterone and the patient's reliance on hormones. The office procedure takes about an hour to complete. A local anesthetic is administered to the testes and part of the spermatic cord are removed through an incision through the scrotum. The incision is closed with self-dissolving sutures.

Please contact Dr. Arnkoff for any questions regarding the procedure for a penectomy and re-routing.

Any procedure can be done under a general anesthetic, however, there is an additional cost associated for the use of a surgical center. If you choose to have general anesthesia, you will need a driver.

Some doctors require letters from other physicians in order to have this surgery done.  This may or may not be required in your case.  Please contact our office to find out if this applies to you:


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